The Tomohon Highland

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Welcome To Tomohon Highland


 Tomohon is in North Sulawesi Province (Sulawesi Utara), in central Indonesia. Tomohon was a part of the Minahasa Regency in North Sulawesi. There was a time when the inhabitants felt the necessity of upgrading the status of their residence into an autonomous city on behalf of its approach to community service. Tomohon officially became a city in 2003 by the passage of the Act of Republic Indonesia No. 10 of 2003 about the establishment of South Minahasa Regency and Tomohon city within North Sulawesi Province and was inaugurated on August 4, 2003. Tomohon is known for flower planting at people's homes. Nearby is the volcano Gunung Lokon or Mount Lokon and Mount Empung. Tomohon is also known for wooden-house production, palm-sugar (aren ) production, vegetable agriculture, as a center of Christian Ministry, and as a student town. Tomohon also has a local TV station, TV 5 Dimensi, with services available to 2.5 million viewers in North Sulawesi.

Many people think of North Sulawesi as mainly being a place for diving and snorkelling. There is a lot more though! Visiting Manado and not spending some time exploring the beautiful Minahasa Highland means that you miss a good part of this area’s wonderful attractions.

Leos Hotel is the ideal place to base yourself, for however long you choose to stay with us. Our unique hotel offers a cool respite from the tropical heat of the town and a quiet venue to relax and enjoy the lush vegetation and birdlife found in the Highlands.

Leos Hotel is located on the gate to Tomohon bus station and market, is very easy to reach by public transportation from Manado (Karambason Bus Station). This Hotel prepare for back packer who like to explore the of Tomohon Highland as like Linow Lake, Tomohon wooden house industry as traditional of Minahasa in Woloan Village, Pinaras Water Fall, kali Water Fall, Tince Water Fall, Tondano Lake, Pulutan Village as Pottery Village maker, nice rice field and climbing Volcanoes at Lokon Volcano, Soputan Volcano and Mahawu Vocano for bird watching and the water rafting.

At an altitude of 650 metres above sea level, Leos Hotel cooling mountain climate will suit those still aclimatising to the tropical heat of Indonesia. Tomohon is the nearest town with small local shops and an interesting traditional market which is well worth a visit early in the morning. All manner of fruit, vegetables, spices and household items are on sale. Keep an eye out for the skinned bats or rats, a local delicacy.

A dramatic feature of the resort’s location is the towering volcanoes of Lokon and Mahawu. The volcanic soil of the area provides the lush vegetation surrounding the resort and the region produces most of the vegetables and flowers supplied to Manado.