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Gunung Mahawu

Mahawu is one of the mountains that flank Tomohon. This mountain is a volcano stratovolcano located in the east of the volcano Mount Lokon-Empung mountain in North Sulawesi. Mahawu has a width of 180 meter and 140 meter deep crater with two pyroclastic cones on the northern slopes.

In 1994 an outbreak of mud fumaroles and geysers activities that occur throughout the crater lake greenish.






 Gunung Lokon


Mount Lokon is a mountain near the town of Tomohon, North Sulawesi Province. This mountain has an altitude of 1,580 m above sea level. Lokon mountain peak is about 5,300 meters northwest of Tomohon and About a 6,700 meters southwest of the city district Pineleng. From the provincial capital of Manado was only about 20 kilometers southwest of the city




Gunung Tampusu

 Tampusu mountain is a mountain elevation 1500 meters above sea level, located in Tondano Minahasa district, and has the coordinates of 1 ° 15 '55 "N and 124 ° 51' 17" E. What is the origin of the name Tampusu? That's the first question to mind my starting point when entering the area tampusu mountaineering. And the question I have missed a few days after the fall of the mountain. The mountain indeed if viewed from afar it is shaped like a "heart" or "troop" in the local language. Sehinggah population began to call it "taum'pusu" which means "shaped like a heart." Thus the mountain began to be known Tampusu.




Bukit Doa Mahawu

Bukit Doa Tomohon, also known as Bukit Kelong, Way of the Cross Mahawu, Prayer Hill of Tomohon, is one of the attractions of nature and religious tourism in Tomohon, North Sulawesi. The natural beauty is combined with the cool mountain air Tomohon, make every visitor feel at home to linger in this place. No wonder the Bukit Doa Tomohon became one of the sights that you must visit in Tomohon. Natural scenery is so beautiful, clean, airy and very neatly arranged, make the Mount of Prayer Mahawu like a magnet that draws everyone to visit this place. Over all the advantages it has, not surprisingly, the Way of the Cross Mahawu (another name for Bukit Doa Tomohon) be the location of the event various activities ranging from nature and religious tourism Christians, location out bond, the location of the gathering, the venue for the wedding ceremony for holy to be a place to hold a wedding party with a festive moodn to the garden.

Bukit Doa Tomohon is located at the foot of Mahawu precisely on the ring road east of the village Kakaskasen II District North Tomohon Tomohon, North Sulawesi. To reach this location, you will travel approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes from the city of Manado. Bukit Doa Tomohon actually not that far from the city of Manado, but because the road from the city of Manado to Tomohon uphill and winding, plus the roads are not too wide, make you can not accelerate the vehicle quickly. To Bukit Doa Tomohon there are two entrances. The first entrance, by foot. This road is usually used for Catholics who will follow the Way of the Cross, procession to commemorate the passion of Jesus Christ. On the ground contoured hilly, there are stop-stop. The highlight is the via dolorosa Chapel of Mother Mary. On location at the top of the hill also include The Grotto of Mother Mary, Cave Mahawu and amphitheater



Vihara Buddhayana Tomohon is a Buddhist place of worship that located in the Kakaskasen 2, northern Tomohon. This Vihara has a very nice and unique architecture of monastery with a beautiful view. Although this place is a place of Buddhist worship, but this place freely visited by tourists. When you enter this place, you will be greeted by 18 statues of the 18 Buddha’s followers. The 18 sculptures is also often called Arhats or Logan. They are Pindola, Nantimitolo, Pantha the Elder, Angida, Asita, Rahula, Nāgasena, Gobaka, Pantha the Younger, Fajraputra, Nakula, Bodhidarma, Vanavasa, Kanaka The Bharadavaja, Katika, The Vatsa, Nandimitra, and Pindola the Bharadvaja. In this place for those not afraid of heights, you will feel the sensation of the eighth level of pagoda that will show you the city of Tomohon . In this place you will find the Kwam In temple, white tiger statues, ponds surrounded by statues of dragons, and the frog-shaped building that in front have pond that when throwing a coin into the pond and coins past the middle of the pond hole will give windfall in the form of longevity, status rank, fortune, wealth, and happiness. In this temple you can also enjoy the beauty of Lokon Mount and green environment around the temple soothing.


 Pasar Ekstrim / Extreem Market


Eve fishy offensive and scenery that make nausea upon entering the area of ​​the sale of meat animals in the Market Faithful, Tomohon. Rows of meat animals that are not commonly consumed lined up neatly, ranging from snake meat, dogs, rats, bats, monkeys, pigs, even cats. The vendors there are already accustomed to the presence of local and foreign tourists who come just to look around to see them very welcome, even




Pembuatan rumah tradisional Minahasa Woloan

There are different views when crossing a village in Jalan Raya Tomohon, which is a series of traditional Minahasa houses lined along the left and right of the road. From around the houses of the sound of chainsaws burst, this is where workers are busy with the wood into raw material for making houses. The public knew him Woloan Village, a village in the district of West Tomohon, North Sulawesi, which the majority of people work as Minahasa traditional home maker. Fari, a craftsman, said the houses were made to sell, not to live alone. The price is fantastic, because it reached hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Generally Minahasa traditional house made of iron wood, considering this type of wood is considered to have a strong structure and can last for hundreds of years. Iron wood raw materials are supplied from Bolaang Mongodow is then processed and prepared, ranging from making foundation, stake-stake, into the form of a house with several rooms in it. Traditional house of Minahasa generally consists of several rooms, including a dining room, living room, bedroom, and an extra bathroom and kitchen. According to the book History and Culture Minahasa written by Jessy Wenas, custom home building Minahasa formerly made with the technique of ikat, which is attached to the tall trees. This is done to avoid flooding and disruption of wild animals. In 1850, a researcher from the Netherlands, DR WR Van Hoevell, noting the changes occurring in the traditional house used by the Minahasa tribes. Starting from the house attached to the tree, then turned into a long house, and who survived until now is the traditional house of Minahasa shaped stage. Traditional house of Minahasa shaped stage consists of two types, namely pillared stone (Wale Weiwangin) and pillared wooden beams (Wale Meito'tol). The second type is the primary minahasa model homes are bought and sold in the village Woloan.



Danau Linow

Topography Tomohon sandwiched between two mountains are Mount Lokon and Mount Mahawu makes this region seem so cool. Beautiful nature with the main dish panoramic mountains and hills. Flowers flourished around this area so Tomohon got the nickname City of Thousand Flowers. One of the leading tourist destinations of this area is Lake Linow, beautiful lake which exudes beauty 3 colors. Lake Linow can be reached 3 km to the west of Tomohon. During the trip, we were served green landscape of hills covered with large trees. Mount Lokon is still active also become panorama presented here. Having almost perfect triangle shape, the mountain seemed to spoil the eye with green trees.

Odor resembling rotten eggs straight nose piercing so we just arrived in the area of ​​Lake Linow. The aroma comes from the smell of sulfur is scattered around the lake. That said, this is a residual sulfur Mahawu eruption that happened hundreds of years ago. The word is taken from the Minahasa Linow that lilinowan which means gathering place of water. In this lake, we can see the color of the water can change color to green, blue and amber. Change happens because the element sulfur buried in the lake as well as the refraction and reflection of sunlight which causes the color of the water in Lake Linow can change. Come in the morning when the air is still clean. Because at that time the best time to enjoy the beauty of Lake Linow. Quiet and calm the atmosphere can be obtained. In addition to the exquisite beauty, the weather in the lake area is also very cool. Wander the banks of the lake to be an activity that can be done in this lake. But visitors do not try to swim. A high sulfur content could make the body injured and fatal.
Visit Lake Linow quite cheap. Visitors just have to pay Rp 25,000 to be able to enjoy the beauty of this lake. Not only that, visitors will also get a cup of tea or coffee. But if the cost was quite big, go down a little bit to the tavern at the bottom, where travelers just have to pay Rp 5,000 and can instantly enjoy the beauty of Lake Linow from the shore. A visit to the lake is a very pleasant experience. Staring at the natural beauty of the lake are presented and capture in camera become memories might not be forgotten here. Beauty and tranquility of Lake Linow deserved to be remembered forever.



Air terjun Pinaras

Visiting waterfall Pinaras this you have to travel 32 kilometers. Precisely this waterfall is located in the village Pinaras included in the city of Tomohon. In the town of Tomohon there are many tourist attractions one of which is Niagara Pinaras this. The waterfall has a height of about 60 meters. This waterfall is not so crowded in discussing as a tourist attraction since the government was ignoring it. Evidently until now there has been no intervention means of local municipalities. Some of the facilities available are self funding from the local community. However the water level falls and silence is what makes it a special attraction. For those who want to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is where one of the appropriate alternative. In contrast to some waterfalls in the North, in a waterfall, visitors can swim with these waterfalls have pools or reservoirs of water large enough before the water flows into the river and there are no big rocks out here may indeed have a big rock such as the origin of the name of the story pinaras but this may have been destroyed due to rapid falls.



Air terjun Tekaan Telu Tinoor

Is only about 1 km from the highway Manado -Tomohon or about 10 km (half hour) from Manado. The road leading to the location of the waterfall is good (paved), thereby driving a motor vehicle such as cars and motorcycles will not experience significant difficulties. In addition to using private vehicles, also can use public transportation or microbus with a relatively low cost. The entrance to the waterfall site is no clear pointer. There is only a small board with graffiti written emergency installed in a small building next to the unkempt. The building is located right on the edge of the highway Manado - Tomohon. Only a small path which is next to the building. This is the only way towards the waterfall. Then the journey continues with a walk through the trail about 25 minutes down the valley and along the river about 20 minutes.



Amphiteather Woloan

Ampitheater is a cultural tourist sites that were built by the Foundation Masarang in 2004 and is still in the local and foreign tourists visit, even this location several times made in place of documentary filmmaking neighbor Minahasa history. With berlatarkan Mount Lokon beauty, Ampitheater within 6 km from the center of Tomohon offer the other side of the towering beauty of this magnificent mountain with a carpet of green trees and rice fields at the foot of the mountain. In addition, when you sign in at the gate, you can see some relics of the ancient ancestors of the Minahasa people in the form of "Waruga" which is a grave stone relics of the Minahasa people first, which is hundreds of years old. When you come to the town of Tomohon, stop for a visit to this place, you definitely amazed by the panoramic nature of Tomohon.