Tourism Destination about ± 15-25 Km

Danau Tondano

The lake is flanked by Lembean Mountains, Mount Kaweng, Tampusu Hill, and Mount Masarang. The lake is surrounded by roads linking the provincial and city Tondano, East Tondano the District, District Eris, Kakas sub-district, District Remboken, and the District of South Tondano.







 Tree House Urango

The view of Lake Tondano from the Top "Tree house" is not less interesting to other tourist attractions in around the lake of Tondano. Places that exist in the hills of the village Urongo southern districts Tondano is very strategically located, at an altitude of approximately 300 meters from the highway Tondano Remboken create a view of the lake and its surroundings are very beautiful in lihat.apa again in the morning when the sun rises. Although still relatively new, but this place has to be excellent for the local people even from outside the area. visitors who came to be willing to queue to climb the tree house to take pictures or just enjoy the beautiful lake and surrounding Tondano.



Bukit Kasih

Sulawesi society in general, and in particular the Minahasa community practice a slogan in their daily lives. The motto reads "Torang Shammua Ba'saudara", which means "We are all brothers". This motto is also reflected in the sights that are also well known to foreign countries. The tourist spot is a spiritual travel hill, a hill at the foot of Mount Soputan, named Bukit Kasih.




Watu Pinawetengan

Watu Pinawetengan, which means stone Distribution Points, is located in the village Pinabetengan, Tompaso Subdistrict, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi. In this place, around 1000 BC there were dividends of nine Minahasan sub-ethnics including Tontembuan, Tombulu, Tonsea, Tolowur, Tonsawang, Pasan, Ponosakan, Bantik and Siao. In addition to dividing the territory, the elders of the tribes also make this place to negotiate about all the problems that encountered. The scratches in the rock are forming variety of motifs and believed to be the result of negotiations tribes. The motive is in the form of a human image, the images such as the genitals of men and women, a leaf motif and irregular collection of lines without clear meaning. Watu Pinawetengan is an interesting megalithic stone because of its unique form and scripts. It is located some 60 kilometers from Manado. Please bring along enough food if you like to stay longer to enjoy fresh mountain air while listening to explanations given by the keeper. It is best to ask people around because directions to this site are not very clear. This tourism object has no restaurant selling food or drink. Therefore, it is best for you to bring along your own food and buy food from Kawangkoan such as crispy Kawangkoan peanuts and other culinaries such as “ragey“, which is fried pork or “paniki“, which is fried bat with chilli. This megalithic stone is located in Pinabetengan village, Minahasa district, which is accessible by private cars and public transportations. You can take a bus from Karombasan bus station. If you use a rented car, you can take Tomohon way toward the south i.e., to Kawangkoan. From Kawangkoan, you can take a motor taxi to take you to the location, which is located about 2 kilometers away. This tourist object has a narrow access with sharp turnings. Therefore, you should be careful when driving your car.


Museum Minahasa

Minahasa is part of the archipelago is known to have a long history of its existence. The long history of ethnic groups that inhabit the North Sulawesi administration is forming the valuable cultural order and the creation of traditional arts berekses Minahasa. To maintain and preserve the traditional culture of the Minahasa in the midst of pop culture (popular culture), the Institute of Arts and Culture Foundation of North Sulawesi in 2009 established a museum called the Museum Pinawetengan. Museum Complex located in North Sulawesi Cultural Center is located in the area Tompaso, North Sulawesi. The use of the name Pinawetengan not without cause, Pinawetengan is the central point of the Minahasa culture. Ari, a guard historic sites Watu Pinawetengan revealed, Pinawetengan considered sacred stone for the Minahasa community, where rocks in the hills Tonderukan that the ancestors of Minahasa sit negotiation and deliberation. Pinawetengan Museum has only one main room, in the room there are various collections, such as the relics of the pre-historic, ancient objects, relics of the colonial era, to the objects of the post-independence era Indonesia. Objects that the collection of the Museum Pinawetengan which include ceramics, ancient sewing machines, bicycles beetle relic of colonialism, various traditional musical instruments Minahasa, custom clothing, dance clothes kabasaran, to the various paiagam MURI and documentation. Nancy Loan, museum guards, telling, main purpose of building Pinawetengan Museum is an attempt to maintain, sustain and introduce more about the culture and art Minahasa. So it does not melt Minahasa culture eroded foreign cultures, which generally do not fit with the culture of Indonesia.Nancy expecting, Museum Pinawetengan capable of developing into the flagship museum which will be equipped with various supporting facilities. As a museum guard, he would be glad if the museum evolve into a better, more well known, and many visited by the general public.Pinawetengan Museum open daily from 8.30 am until 16:30 pm, and to visit free of charge. Every Sunday or when entering the vacation time, Pinawetengan Museum is always visited by many students from various schools in North Sulawesi.


Kompleks Pemakaman Waruga


Waruga is a grave or tomb ancestors of the Minahasa people are made of stone and consists of two parts. The top of the triangle-shaped like rooftops and the bottom of the box-shaped middle part there is space.